In this article, Promote Control user David Campbell shares tips on creating an HDR image with the Pentax K-1. David used firmware version 1.40 of the Pentax K-1 and 3.31 of the Promote Control.

Enter David:

Although this brilliant camera has an inbuilt HDR facility to take batches of three pictures and amalgamate them into one, the newly released update to allow the use of the Promote Control has added a huge dimension to the capability of this camera to take an even wider range of pictures. Continue reading

The Promote Control New Advanced Focus Stacking Mode: Reproducible Automatic Focus Bracketing at Your Finger Tips

When creating ‘focus stacked’ panoramas or time lapse videos (for instance, blooming of a flower), it is essential to accurately reproduce the focus bracketing sequences. The focus brackets must consistently begin and end at the same near and far focal points at each camera position. The Promote Control’s new firmware version 3.31 adds an Advanced Focus Stacking Mode that allows you to easily create precise and reproducible focus brackets.

To demonstrate the Advanced Focus Stacking Mode we will configure the Promote Control to take a series of shots that will later be merged into an extended depth of field landscape panorama.  Continue reading

Extending the Capability of the Pentax K-1 with the Promote Control (v 3.29)


The Promote Control can now be used to extend the capabilities of the Pentax K-1, offering Time-Lapse with in-camera Pixel Shift, Bulb Ramping, HDR and more. Firmware version 3.29 can be downloaded here. Continue reading

Integrating Wireless Functionality with the Promote Control

This tutorial is a courtesy of Promote Control user Ted McGee. Thank you Ted for sharing this with the Promote Control community!

Enter Ted McGee:

We all know that the Promote Control takes over when a photographic need exceeds the capability of the camera. When a timed exposure exceeds 30 seconds, the maximum time most cameras’ internal intervalometer can count, the Promote Control fills the gap. The Promote Control adds more depth to the camera control with extended bracketing capability for HDR, greater control over time lapse photography, bulb ramping, focus stacking and video control.

There are situations where a photographer may need to integrate the Promote Control with a wireless system in order to control the camera remotely. This tutorial will demonstrate how to connect a wireless system, such as PocketWizard, to the Promote Control. Continue reading

Automated Focus Stacking with Promote Control and Nikon

The Promote Control allows you to automatically create precise focus stacks with single or bracketed exposures. In this tutorial we will create a focus stacked image using the Promote Control and the Nikon D7200:

Continue reading

Promote GPS for Nikon – review by Beau Johnston

Outdoor travel expert and photographer Beau Johnston took the Promote GPS on his recent trip to Arizona. Here is what he had to say. Full review can be found here.Screenshot 2015-09-02 07.40.47

Overall GPS accuracy was what I would have expected, and continues to provide the coordinate information needed for travel and work photography. I am able to zoom in with Map module to locate images take at different locations during a trip or site survey, which has been a big boost to my workflow!

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Photographers can now externally control the Panasonic GX8 and perform advanced techniques using the handheld Promote Control or USB Tether desktop software.

Promote Control and the GX8:P-CTRL-1

  • Full camera control in a pocket-sized remote
  • One Shot Mode
    • Set shutter speed, aperture, ISO; trigger camera externally to avoid camera shake
  • Advanced HDR Bracketing
    • Up to 45 images per bracket
    • Steps from 1/3 to 9 EV
    • Rapid HDR workflow
  • Fine control Time-Lapse & HDR Time-Lapse
  • Integrate with 3rd-party pano heads & dollies
  • Weather sealed (great for outdoors)
  • Long battery life (up to 100 hours)
  • More features will be added in the future with free firmware updates
  • Promote Control requires firmware version 3.22 or later

International customers! We are offering $50 discount on shipping of Promote Control outside USA and Canada now through September 30, 2015. Enter code ‘50OFF’ at checkout.

USB Tether software and the GX8:box2

  • Control your camera from PC or laptop
  • View camera settings*
    • Exposure Mode, Shutter Mode, Focus Mode
  • Change exposure settings*
    • Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO
  • Capture images remotely*
  • View images as they are taken
  • Automatically download full-size images
  • A fully functional 14-day trial version can be downloaded at here

*Also available in Promote Control.



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