Promote Systems GPS Aids in Mountain Rescue

By Edward Stone

GPS rescue-2 - Copy

DELAWARE WATER GAP  On this warm summer day we set out to photograph waterfalls in the Delaware Water Gap in New Jersey. As we arrived at the first waterfall, we noticed a ranger standing over a seriously injured swimmer. The paramedics arrived moments after we did and we stood back to allow the rescue team to stabilize the patient and carry him to a helicopter landing area.

One ranger was standing in close proximity to our vantage point and was attempting to acquire a fix on a hand-held GPS. It became obvious that he was having difficulty so I checked my camera display and found that despite our deep canyon location I had a good fix.

“The Promote GPS was specifically designed with the idea of having the most stable satellite reception possible. This is why we decided to equip it with the largest antenna in its class,” said Promote Systems Senior Engineer Artyom Kamshilin.

GPS rescue-1 - Copy

Having worked with public safety agencies for much of my adult life, I knew that intervention was necessary to speed the rescue process.

I approached the ranger and asked if he had a good fix. He said that he didn’t and continued to move around the clearing. I followed him and offered the data as displayed on the Nikon D300 display. The ranger stopped his acquisition attempts and noted the coordinates on my display. The ranger was amazed that my Promote GPS and Nikon SLR rendered the data on a real-time basis.

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