The Promote Control pioneers remote tethering for medium format digital cameras

PCTRL + Pentax 645ZThe Promote Control is the first advanced remote control to support a medium format digital camera, the Pentax 645Z! Full press release can be found here.

Pentax 645Z users can now create stunning HDRs, Long Exposures and Timelapse videos. Currently supported features include:

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)
    • full range HDR
    • accelerated HDR workflow
    • up to 45 images in one bracket
    • up to 9EV steps in one bracket
    • long exposures (over 30 seconds)**
  • Timelapse
    • intervals as long as several hours
    • repeated Timelapse (great for long-term projects)
    • infinite exposures
    • HDR Timelapse
  • One Shot
    • set Shutter speed, Aperture, ISO and trigger your shutter without touching your camera
  • Manual Hold
    • avoid camera shake
  • Integrate with 3rd-party pano heads & dollies (for panorama and motion Timelapse photography)
  • Weather sealed (great for outdoors)
  • Long battery life (2 AA batteries, great for outdoors)

Additional features will be available in the near future through free firmware updates.

Download the Promote Control firmware version 3.20.

**Shutter cable (PCT-CBL-CN2) is required to perform HDR bracketing sequences containing exposures longer than 30 seconds and for capturing images when MLU is enabled on the 645Z.

The Promote Control is a time-tested, professional, weather-resistant DSLR control device ideal for both field and studio work. To learn more, please visit

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