Bulb Ramping with the Promote Control – tutorial and sunrise bramping example by Grant Kaye

Day-to-night timelapse aficionados! Promote Control user Grant Kaye shared a thorough step-by-step tutorial on how to perform bulb ramping with the Promote Control. Here is a resulting timelapse of a sunrise Grant captured:

In post, I ramped the development parameters in LR Timelapse (exposure and WB) but I did not have to deflicker because the Promote did an excellent job.

The Promote Control offers high-precision bulb ramping by ensuring accuracy of up to 0.001 EV steps. This makes the light variation in a timelapse of a sunset/sunrise seamless. And, if the light changes come unexpectedly, you have the ability to make live modifications to your exposures without disrupting your camera or setup.

I don’t like carrying around a computer when I’m already carrying a 60 lb bag so I only use portable battery-powered bulb ramping devices.

Read Grant Kaye’s tutorial on how to set up bulb ramping with the Promote Control here.

About Grant:

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