Integrating Wireless Functionality with the Promote Control

This tutorial is a courtesy of Promote Control user Ted McGee. Thank you Ted for sharing this with the Promote Control community!

Enter Ted McGee:

We all know that the Promote Control takes over when a photographic need exceeds the capability of the camera. When a timed exposure exceeds 30 seconds, the maximum time most cameras’ internal intervalometer can count, the Promote Control fills the gap. The Promote Control adds more depth to the camera control with extended bracketing capability for HDR, greater control over time lapse photography, bulb ramping, focus stacking and video control.

There are situations where a photographer may need to integrate the Promote Control with a wireless system in order to control the camera remotely. This tutorial will demonstrate how to connect a wireless system, such as PocketWizard, to the Promote Control.

What You Will Need

The PocketWizard PlusX will be used in this example. There are several other wireless products that can be used, including the Promote Control Wireless Remote Sensor. However, if you already have a wireless solution like the PocketWizard you can easily integrate them into your system.


  • Promote Control
  • Quantity of two PocketWizards (one transmitter, one receiver)
  • Appropriate Promote Control Shutter Cable for camera
  • Promote Control CN2 Cable for the PocketWizard used as a receiver
  • Optionally, Promote Control USB Camera Cable if using Promote Control for HDR

What you'll need: Promote Control, Pocket Wizard

 Promote Control Interface

There are four ports on the Promote Control.

  1. USB connector for camera control when using HDR
  2. 5mm port to connect the shutter cable
  3. 5mm port to connect remote sensor
  4. DC power input

In this tutorial we will use ports 2 and 3 to connect the PocketWizard and camera shutter control.

Promote Control ports

Connecting the Camera

Connect the appropriate Promote Systems shutter cable to the camera. Connect the other end of the shutter cable to Port 2 of the Promote Control. This is the 3.5mm connector.

Connecting Promote Control to the camera

Connecting the Pocket Wizard

The Promote Control CN2 cable is perfect for use with the PocketWizard. One end of the CN2 cable has a 3.5mm connector and the other end has the smaller 2.5mm connector. The larger 3.5mm connector fits the output port of the PocketWizard. Connect the smaller 2.5mm connector to the remote sensor port (port #3) of the Promote Control.

Connecting the Pocket Wizard to the Promote Control

Setup the Promote Control

You are now ready to use your Promote Control with the PocketWizard. In this example we did not connect the USB cable for use with HDR. Remember, if you are going to use your Promote Control for HDR you will also need to make this connection. In this example we have set up a simple “One Shot” exposure that is longer than the camera’s intervalometer capability. Typically 30 seconds is the maximum time a camera’s internal intervalometer can count.

Setup the Promote Control

Using the System

Don’t forget to make the appropriate settings on your camera. For example, set the mode to manual and the shutter release to Bulb. The system is ready to go. Simply press the “Test” button on the PocketWizard being used as a transmitter and the Promote Control will take care of the rest.

Using the Promote Control - Pocket Wizard system

Ted McGee

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