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The Promote Control New Advanced Focus Stacking Mode: Reproducible Automatic Focus Bracketing at Your Finger Tips

When creating ‘focus stacked’ panoramas or time lapse videos (for instance, blooming of a flower), it is essential to accurately reproduce the focus bracketing sequences. The focus brackets must consistently begin and end at the same near and far focal points at each camera position. The Promote Control’s new firmware version 3.31 adds an Advanced Focus Stacking Mode that allows you to easily create precise and reproducible focus brackets.

To demonstrate the Advanced Focus Stacking Mode we will configure the Promote Control to take a series of shots that will later be merged into an extended depth of field landscape panorama.  Continue reading

Automated Focus Stacking with Promote Control and Nikon

The Promote Control allows you to automatically create precise focus stacks with single or bracketed exposures. In this tutorial we will create a focus stacked image using the Promote Control and the Nikon D7200:

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Bulb Ramping with the Promote Control – tutorial and sunrise bramping example by Grant Kaye

Day-to-night timelapse aficionados! Promote Control user Grant Kaye shared a thorough step-by-step tutorial on how to perform bulb ramping with the Promote Control. Here is a resulting timelapse of a sunrise Grant captured:

In post, I ramped the development parameters in LR Timelapse (exposure and WB) but I did not have to deflicker because the Promote did an excellent job.

The Promote Control offers high-precision bulb ramping by ensuring accuracy of up to 0.001 EV steps. This makes the light variation in a timelapse of a sunset/sunrise seamless. And, if the light changes come unexpectedly, you have the ability to make live modifications to your exposures without disrupting your camera or setup.

I don’t like carrying around a computer when I’m already carrying a 60 lb bag so I only use portable battery-powered bulb ramping devices.

Read Grant Kaye’s tutorial on how to set up bulb ramping with the Promote Control here.

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How-to: tethered camera control with ‘USB Tether for LUMIX’ software & the Panasonic GH4. Tutorial by Mark Toal

In this video, Mark Toal shows how to use our USB Tether for LUMIX software to take photos with the Panasonic GH4 tethered to a computer. The software allows you to control the camera from a Mac or PC and automatically imports the files to a folder as you are taking pictures. In this tutorial, Mark also shows how to automatically import the photos into Lightroom for quick editing as you shoot, which can be handy when you want to show instant results to a client. Great for product, portrait, school and sports photography. Thank you Mark for creating this tutorial!

About Mark Toal: Mark Toal Photography, Lumix Images by Mark Toal.

Promote® Systems Introduces Exclusive Tethering Solutions for the Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GH4

Photographers can now tether the Panasonic LUMIX GH4 camera using USB Tether PC software or the pocket-sized Promote® Control remote controller. The solutions were previewed at the Panasonic booth at Photokina 2014. Full Press Release can be found here.

The Z-box2-400-narrow3USB Tether software allows users to control the LUMIX GH4 from a PC or laptop and automatically download images to a folder. For more details and a fully functional 14-day trial version please visit (Note: the Panasonic LUMIX GH4 requires firmware version 2.0 or later in order to be compatible.)

Using the Promote® Control, an advanced all-in-one remote controller for digital SLRs, photographers can trigger the LUMIX GH4 remotely and capture stunning HDR (High Dynamic Range) images, Time-Lapses and HDR Time-Lapses as shown in this demo video:

(Note: the Promote® Control requires firmware version 3.15 or later. The Panasonic LUMIX GH4 requires firmware version 2.0 or later in order to be compatible.)

USB Tether software and Promote® Control support for the LUMIX GH4 were previewed at the Panasonic booth at Photokina 2014:


Promote Systems Team


How-To: HDR of a Sunrise With Promote® Control and Oloneo PhotoEngine™

With spring around the corner, many of you may be tempted to drop everything and go capturing those first spring sun rays! And so we are. So we have teamed up with Oloneo, creators of PhotoEngine – a pro HDR imaging, RAW processing and dynamic relighting application – to create a tutorial that shows a workflow for capturing and post-processing an HDR image of a sunrise.

Before we start, here is in brief what the two solutions have to offer:

streetlightPromote® Control’s HDR mode allows you to go beyond the limitations of your camera. Take incredible brackets containing up to 45 images with steps ranging from 1/3 to 9 EV and complete the entire sequences up to 5 times faster than with any other solution!

Oloneo PhotoEngine is the fastest HDR application (up to 25 times faster than competitors according to an independent test of the top 13 HDR software). Ultra-fast loading of large, multiple bracketed images, full real-time, high-quality HDR edition, advanced batch processing and presets make it a perfect companion product to Promote Control.



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Learn Best Practices For Post-Processing HDR Panoramas

And see below for special offers from Gigapan, Photomatix, B&HPhotoVideo and Adorama!

This new tutorial by HDR master Ron Pepper of HDR Soft/Photomatix and panorama pro Aaron D. Priest shows you how to post-process a High Dynamic Range panorama shot with Gigapan EPIC Pro motorized camera mount and a Promote Control:

HDR Panorama Post-Processing with Photomatix Pro and PTGui


See Part 1 of this video: ‘High Dynamic Range Panorama How-To with Promote Control and Gigapan EPIC Pro’ View the recorded webinar: ‘Integrating Promote Control with the Gigapan EPIC Pro’
video WebinarCapture
This video discusses hardware setup required to automatically shoot HDR panoramas.  Webinar hosts: Mike Franz, Gigapan Director of Products and Training and Artyom Kamshilin, Promote Systems Senior Developer. 

Promote Systems and Gigapan have teamed to provide collaborative technology to help photographers simplify their workflow process in creating HDR and focus stacked gigapixel imagery.

Capture phenomenal depth and clarity in multi-gigapixel panoramas with the remarkable EPIC Pro robotic camera mount and Promote Control.

Promote Control and GigaPan - 1

  • Automatically capture high-resolution panoramas with the EPIC Pro
  • Use almost any camera and lens combination
  • Accurately take hundreds or thousands of photos and use Promote Control to help with the HDR and focus stacked frames
  • Connect the Promote Control device to your camera and the EPIC Pro. The EPIC Pro manages the time at each image location and triggers the Promote Control to trigger the camera. The Promote Control manages your cameras image capture and lens focal plane adjustment
  • Stitch images after processing in third party software such as Photoshop for focus stacking and HDR Soft’s Photomatix for bracketed HDR photos. Once you have final output images from either program, you can drop those into any stitch software for creating stunningly detailed, zoomable gigapixel images
  • Easily upload to, where you can view, share, embed, tag, and print your images

The EPIC Pro and Promote Control work in together with unique control for creating HDR and focus stacked panoramas, shooting with the flexibility in exposure bracketing needed to create high-quality images.

10% off the EPIC Pro – ends August 17!

15% off Photomatix Software



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Photo credit: Aaron D. Priest