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Promote GPS for Nikon – review by Beau Johnston

Outdoor travel expert and photographer Beau Johnston took the Promote GPS on his recent trip to Arizona. Here is what he had to say. Full review can be found here.Screenshot 2015-09-02 07.40.47

Overall GPS accuracy was what I would have expected, and continues to provide the coordinate information needed for travel and work photography. I am able to zoom in with Map module to locate images take at different locations during a trip or site survey, which has been a big boost to my workflow!

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“the Rolls Royce of remote controls”

Belgian photographer and trainer Piet Van den Eynde mentions the Promote Control in his new book ‘Pushing Light. Extending Dynamic Range with HDR and other techniques’:

“The Promote Control is the Rolls Royce of remote controls and highly interesting for HDR aficionados.”

BOOKThe PDF ebook covers a broad range of techniques photographers can use to capture more dynamic range, features interviews with leading photographers about how they manage the problems of dynamic range and contains links to free online videos that explain some of the complex techniques and concepts in greater detail.

“Pushing Light is a 112-page discussion about the tools available to photographers to manipulate the most basic building materials of a photograph: light.”


The book can be found at

Dutch photography book features Promote Control

Piet Van den Eynde’s book Digitale Fotografie: Op Reis (Pearson Education) shows how to get better images through HDR with the Promote Control. Available on June 15, Van den Eynde’s book can be pre-ordered now.

The first 200 orders through the More Than Words website to get one for free video training for a half hour at about finishing of travel photos.

The book is divided into three parts: preparation + materials, photographing traveling itself naturally with lots of practical tips and finally a section on dealing with digital files on travel and management and editing of travel photos with Adobe Lightroom (and to a lesser extent, Photoshop) .

digitale fotografie

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To Hollywood and Beyond


Promote® Systems is happy to announce that its flagship product, the Promote Control, has been successfully used in production of “Beautiful Creatures”, a newly released movie title with heavy use of special effects. The Promote Control also played a key role in creation of the new BBC TV documentary called “Wild Arabia”.

A pocket‐sized alternative to laptop‐based camera remote control solutions, this device works with all Canon and Nikon digital SLR cameras currently in production, and provides unparalleled ease of use in a multitude of photography‐related activities. Promote Control can be of great assistance in High Dynamic Range bracketing, Focus Stacking, Time‐Lapse or Bulb Ramping photography.

“The Promote is really the only way to collect professional HDR photography. Using anything else would be a foolish waste of time.” – said Scott Metzger, Digital Effects Supervisor for “Beautiful Creatures”.

For this movie, Scott created a 3D environment from an HDR panorama created with a Promote Control and a high resolution digital SLR camera. Scott’s video presentation can be found on website.

Promote Control also served well to assist in production of “Wild Arabia”, the new nature documentary by BBC. Now on air, “Wild Arabia” unveils a stunning picture of how people interact with nature, creating an ecosystem that is full of surprises.

“BBC’s nature TV documentaries are always backed by very strong, poetic and spectacular visuals; this is what separates them from ordinary TV productions. This is where time‐lapse footage comes into play. Wild Arabia is different from other BBC’s documentaries. It’s more human‐oriented than usual, featuring difficult co‐existence with harsh nature in a complex and forbidding world which is Arabia. Dramatic skies, busy ultra modern urban scenes, lava‐like flow of traffic at night, day‐to‐night sequences, flickering city lights and travelling shadows. Wild Arabia is heavily reliant on time lapse photography which lends its magic in many scenes.” – said Beno Saradzic, Executive Producer for Time Sand Studios (

Working on a demanding schedule for one of the world’s most prominent TV networks is certainly challenging. Nevertheless, Beno found himself right on track with the Promote Control.

“Promote [Control] was able to tackle every scenario with ease. Newly added Bulb Ramping feature is terrific. Despite its compact size, Promote Control is feature packed, robust and very portable. It rivals the power of laptop‐tethered time lapse solutions, without the penalty of weight and size. Being mobile on a complex and demanding shoot with many locations means everything. You can’t afford to be slowed down by lots of heavy gear. Promote Control performed flawlessly under every condition and I never had to worry about running out of power.Software updates are frequent and with every revision, this device seems to get more awesome!” – he said after the project was completed.

Promote Control also remains an invaluable tool in the hands of thousands of photographers who chose to trust it with their business.

“A brilliant breakthrough product that allowed me to control not just my Nikon, but my Canon cameras as well. Throughout 2009 and into 2010 I had dozens of students enroll in my program to teach them my techniques of bracketing and editing those frames in post.” – said Michael James, a freelance photographer and author of His architectural HDR work is also available on

Promote Control helped Michael ensure a seamless transition between different brands of digital SLR cameras, while maintaining the same bracketing workflow throughout his class curriculum:

“The Promote Control was instrumental in allowing me to create a capture protocol that spanned both Canon and Nikon users alike. I attribute my ability to teach how to bracket for a High Dynamic Range Imaging pipeline to your company and specifically your key product, the Promote Control.”

Review in Belgium’s IT Enquirer

Erik Vlietinck from IT Enquirer was kind enough to try out the Promote Control with his Sony Alpha 700.

“There are plenty of remote controls for your dSLR camera to choose from, but one trumps all others in terms of versatility, capabilities and power. The Promote Control is being touted as a High Dynamic Range (HDR) remote control, but it’s actually closer to a handheld dedicated computer with which you can control your camera’s shutter, aperture and focus.”

See more of Erik’s review here: